Bee Control or Problems with Bees

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Having trouble with Bees?

Bees play an essential part in nature as pollinators of a wide variety of plants and crops so should always be protected where possible.

There are several species of bees, therefore we first need to identify the type of bee before taking action.

If you are uncertain and/or concerned call Gardam Pest Control for expert advice as trying to handle bees can be dangerous.

Most colonies, if not bothering anybody can be left to continue their work, however occasionally some have to be removed or relocated.

After identification bees can be carefully removed or rehomed. In the case of honey bees we can rehome them with a local beekeeper who we work alongside.

Is it a Wasp, Hornet, Honey Bee or Bumble Bee?

Honey bees are small and have a similar look to a wasp, with a slender body, pointed abdomen tip and with brown and black stripes.
Bumble bees are the larger broader bodied bees without the pointed abdomen tip. See the image below for comparing bees, wasps and hornets.

Different Types of Wasps/Bees

If you are unsure that your nuisance insect is a wasp, hornet or bee, use the identification image above or call Gardam Pest Control to help with identification.

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